A Complete Guide for the Best Laptop Buyer

From working on a research project to learning new skills, a laptop is nowadays such a gadget that makes everything easier for us in the tech world. Buying a new laptop can be a resilient task, specifically when one is looking to for the best laptop in a certain amount of money. If a person is tech-savvy, then this tedious task can be very easy for him, however, what if one lacks the knowledge and just want the best return for their money? What type of laptop should one get then? There are laptops of all shapes and sizes and different specifications which makes the choice of buying the best laptop a bit complicated. Below is a list of steps that one needs to follow if they want to buy the best laptop.

1) Choose an operating system; Windows? MacOS? ChromeOS?

Laptops have an operating system which can be either of the three aforementioned, namely Windows, MacOS and ChromeOS.

Perhaps the most flexible operating system, Windows10 is the latest operating system after the famous windows8 and windows7. It consists of a digital assistant and has live tiles in its startup menu. Windows notebooks normally range from $150 and their cost goes up depending on the features being offered. All MacBooks have a built-in MacOperating System (MacOS), which is one of the USPs of the Apple Inc. In terms of its functionality, MacOS is quite similar to Windows.

While Windows has Cortana, MacOS has Siri.

The third OS is Google’s OS which is fairly simpler and less complicated than its later competitors. Although it is quite similar to Windows, the main drawback lies in the fact that most ‘web apps’ do not work online and perhaps the main app one can make use of is the Chrome browser.

2) 1-1? or 2-1?

Some laptops have the ability to be used as the two-in-one device. They can either be used as the traditional laptops or detached as well as can also be used as tablets or can also bend backwards at a 360 angle. Normally, such laptops serve one purpose in a better way as compared to their other version. Some of the best laptops are the ones which serve only one purpose as compared to the two-in-ones.

3) The right size

Laptops come in all shapes and sizes and the best laptops are the ones which satisfy one’s needs. The ones with 11-12 or even 13-14 inches are some of the thinnest laptops and provide the best means in terms of portability. Moreover, the ones with 17-18 inches maybe are good with their processing power, however, there can be issues regarding their portability. Perhaps, then, the most compatible size which is evident in some of the best laptops is 15 inches.

4) Touchpad and keyboard

It is important to check the keyboard and the touchpad depending upon one’s needs. Some of the best business laptops have cursors in between the keyboards which make convenience in navigating as compared to taking the hands of and navigating through the touchpad.

5) Specifications of Best Laptops

The most important element when it comes to selecting the best laptop is related to the specifications of the laptop. That is, what size the RAM of the laptop has? What is the processing power? And several other similar questions become relevant for verifying specifications of the best laptops. The answer to such questions is what at the end of the day aids in deciding the best laptops.

The main thing which runs a computer is its Central Processing Unit or CPU. The processing power of a laptop can make a huge difference. Core i5 laptops are some of the best laptops that have both elements, i.e., the reasonable price and high quality. Core i7 is faster than Core i5 and Core i3 is just a step below Core i5. Some other cores are the Core M-series, Intel Xeon, and Intel Pentium series. RAM is also an important element. Most of the best laptops offer a 4GB RAM. However, if invested more an 8GB Ram could also be really effective.

Other elements such as the storage drive, graphics, display, ports and DVD drives are also taken into account when deciding which laptops are to be considered as the best. Ideally, 1366*768 displays, a good storage device, and USB 3.0 and HDMI ports are some of the features that the best laptops are considered to possess.

6) The battery life

The battery life of a laptop is just as important as its processing power. Most manufacturers of laptops also have certain claims regarding the battery life of their laptops. However, it is always recommended to read reviews online and then, decide what laptop can work best in an accordance with one’s needs.

7) Price and Budget

It all comes down to the budget. Generally, the greater the price, the higher are the chances of getting the best laptops. Normally, for under $600 a good quality laptop which comprises of most features of some of the best laptops can be bought.

All of the aforementioned attributes should be considered for buying the best laptop. You should have knowledge of such attributes prior to visiting the market for buying the laptop. It will protect you from ending up with a bad laptop.

Most Necessary Pieces of Equipment to Own for Dedicated PC Gamers

Everybody loves playing 3d games whether they are on console or PC. But playing games on PC is just another whole new level of gaming. The PC gamers are just dedicated to whatever game they are playing, and they find themselves there in between the game like they actually are the role-playing character of the game. If an individual has chosen a PC for gaming over a PlayStation or Xbox, then they cannot go back, as the step they have taken is going to take them into a vast world of gaming. And for such dedicated gamers, they need some necessities of gaming for a real gaming experience. So, let’s see the necessary pieces of equipment they need.

Mouse 1.0:

Keyboard and mouse are most necessary pieces of equipment that are required for a perfect gaming control. There are many PC mice in the market that gamers can choose from, but some of them can be very expensive, so selection can be done from these decent budgeted mice.

· VicTsing MM057:

Many cheap mice are available in the market, but no one comes close to MM057. This wireless mouse has a very attractive design and is big enough to fit under your hand. It also contains two extra side buttons for convenience in gaming with adjustable DPI levels. Also, a red LED light pops inside of it when connected to the PC. This is the best option for the gamers who prefer wireless gaming.

· Technet Raptor:

Technet Raptor is wired mouse and is easily available for around $10 in the market. Design of Technet Raptor is not so attractive but it will provide any gamer a good control. The Technet Raptor comes with 3 adjustable DPI settings. Gamers generally prefer gaming while using a wired mouse, so this is the much better options than the expensive ones in the market.

Keyboard 1.0:

Without a keyboard, a gamer cannot think of playing even a basic 3d game. Generally, keyboards operations are not different and only a few aspects like Backlit keys are some of the few different aspects that may make a difference that too if a gamer prefers to play games in the dark room.

· Redragon K552 Kumura:

Redragon K552 Kumura never disappoints its owner as its built quality is much better than some of the expensive keyboards in the market. It has backlit keys for the gamers who prefer to play in dark rooms and also they can choose color of backlit keys from the various choices.

· Redragon K502 Karura:

Redragon 502 Karura is a Chiclet keyboard and similar to the previous one. It also has backlit keys and there are 7 colors to choose from in a single keyboard. Also, it comes with a built-in wrist rest, so the wrist won’t hurt while playing.


An adapter in PC provides a connection between a PC and the various wireless devices.

· Edimax EW-7811Un Wi-Fi Adapter:

If gamers are in a tight spot, then they can give it a go. As Edimax EW-7811Un Wi-Fi Adapter will not provide a very fast speed but you will be satisfied with it.

· Plugable Bluetooth Adapter:

Many gamers around the world use Plugable Bluetooth Adapter to use certain PC devices. You can connect each and every device that supports Bluetooth connectivity.


A gamer cannot truly enjoy PC gaming unless he owns a High Definition monitor for the display of a game. A twisted nematic will allow a gamer better viewing angle as compared to the In-Plane Switching display.

· Acer R240HY:

Acer monitors are one of the best monitor producers in the world and never disappoints gamers around the world. This In-Plane Switching display monitor 23.8 inches of display that gives a better viewing experience.

· ASUS CS248H-P:

Asus is the most trusted brand in the world by gamers. This monitor has a huge 1080p of display and also it performs much better than the previous one.

So, these are the most necessary pieces of equipment that a gamer must have for having an amazing gaming experience. And these are the basic equipment for gaming purpose. There is actually a much longer list of these pieces of equipment for gaming, if a gamer wants a perfect gaming experience.

The 12 Best Gadgets You Never Wish to Miss Around You

No one can deny that some gadgets have become a pattern and parcel of our day to day life. No one can live without them! Has anyone ever tried to live without a mobile phone for a day, a week, a month or even a year? It’s barely a possibility. When one gets hold of these devices, there is no parting all the way to the old age. They are our new personal companions. They let you know what to do, they sing or offer some gaming entertainment for you, monitor your health and it only gets sweeter when it connects you with your social network. The best term that can be given to these gadgets can be summarized as the “best gadgets” of all time. The 12 best gadgets commonly used can be summarized in the list below.


It was first released to the market in September 2013. It is about four inches in size making it smaller than its competitors using Android or other operating systems or devices. The current model however, has the highest power rating capacity than any other type of smartphone in the market. It has a fast Dual core processor of 1.3Ghz and a powerVR G6430 quad-core graphics, a generally high end camera of 8MP 1080p, touch ID sensor. It is available in white, silver, gray and even gold. It has an IOS 7 which can be upgraded to IOS 11.3. it has many apps which are unbeatable in the market and the combo always guarantees its outstanding characteristic as one of the best gadgets you never wish to miss around you.


It was released to the market in July 2013 just a month or two before the release of Apple Iphone 5s. It set the pace for all other phones in the market in terms of phone features. It came with a wide seven-inch screen. The current Nexus 7 is slimmer, lighter and comfortable to hold. It won the best gadget category list because it has an advanced yet gorgeous 1920 x 1200 pixel IPS HD touch screen better than all Apple IPAD with a very low battery consumption. It was also a remarkable pace-setter for the famous Android Version 4.3 OS with an outstanding performance believed to double the original types of phone.


The google chrome-cast is a small USB dongle that plugs on to the TVs’ HDMI port. It is available at the Amazon stores at approximately 35 dollars. The chrome-cast made it to the list of best gadgets when once plugged into the HDMI port of any TV, it could stream Netflix, YouTube and Google Play videos. Anyone would want to walk with this device for its entertaining media capabilities.


The Anker Astro E4 is available at the Amazon stores for approximately 120 dollars yet it is an amazing powerhouse for battery storage. The Anker Astro E4 has a 13000 mAh Lithium ion battery. It made it to the list of best gadgets when it could charge six smartphones, two at ago, with its rather small smartphone size. It additionally comes with a flashlight and this is one gadget once you set your hands on it, you will never miss it in your tours wherever you go.


It comes in many colors. Yet it’s only a bulb, it made it to the list of best gadgets when it could be easily controlled with a smartphone, or PC to achieve outstanding results in alerts. When leaving home, it automatically turns off when it detects that your phone is not available around. It can wake you up in the morning or even flash when you got new mail or package! The Philips hue bulb can warn you when its raining and much more. When you start using this gadget you will never retrace your old types of bulbs.


Has anyone tired of using their phone as a camera in capturing the everyday moments of adventure? Try the Looxcie HD explore. It made its way to the list of best gadgets when when it made it possible to capture and send all footage into one’s smartphone over WIFI. It comes with a wearable camcorder 2.9 ounce and records up to 720p video at 60 frames per second and 1080p video at 30 frames per second. You can clip it to your car, bike, hat, windshield or surfboard and it will record everything everywhere and send it to your smartphone.


It measures how much walking you do, the calories you burn and your sleeping pattern. It has a cool looking design and a build in sensor. At less than 100 dollars, at the Amazon stores, the Withings Pulse made its way to the list of best gadgets because no other device could analyze your health better than it could do yet keep it at personal level. It is a real companion indeed.


The nest learning thermostat made it to the list of best gadgets when it was innovatively intelligence to learn one’s behavior coming into the house and going out. It consequently warms the room automatically when you are in. At only 250 dollars at the Amazon stores, the thermostat will always greet you with warmth when you get home and automatically turns off when you go saving your a lot on energy costs. You will fall in love with this device.


The Pebble smartwatch at as low as 35 dollars at the Amazon stores, made it to the list of best gadgets when it handled smartphone alerts and therefore act as a contagious replacement for your phone when a distance away.


Skullcandy PLYR 1 is a wireless device with optical audio pass-through capabilities. It made to the list of best gadgets when it produced an exceptionally excellent sound quality and made gaming so real like never before. Apart from its cool strong base, It is very comfortable to wear for very long duration of time.


The Oculus rift made it to the list of best gadgets when it proved that once released it can track head movements especially during gaming and give you a full virtual world view in 3D. This will always be a must have for gamers.


The Panasonic SC – nt10 can be found at the Amazon stores for only 35 dollars. This cheap price made it to be listed in the best gadget category because it came with so much quality and featured capabilities compared to its cost for similar gadgets in the market. It can withstand water being splashed on it, dust particles, being dropped to the floor or being left in very cold conditions, yet It still remains amazingly functional. Its 2.2 inches height by 4.7 inches wide, pumps high volume strong enough to outperform its competitors.


The best gadgets that made it to this list remains the best gadgets of all time. They have a contagious effect such that once you start using them you can only ask for more or just hang in there but never expecting anything less.