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Interactive watch faces with the latest Android Wear update

Posted by Wayne Piekarski, Developer Advocate The Android Wear team is rolling out a new update that includes support for interactive watch faces. Now, you can detect taps on the watch face to provide information quickly, without having to open an app. This gives you new opportunities to make your ...

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Fallout Shelter 1.1 APK

Fallout Shelter is a new simulation game that puts players in command of one of the series’ iconic Vaults, huge underground bunkers where survivors take refuge from the denizens that lurk on the surface. In the game, players will build the perfect vault, manage their resources, handle the odd ...

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LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham MOD APK

LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham MOD APK Lego batman beyond Gotham arrived on Android.track of all the object it’s kind of things which is great this is closer to what the console back then experiences but also Camden a bit more so that it’s better for a kind of pick up and play kinda mobile ...

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Angel Stone MOD APK

Angel Stone MOD APK Angel Stone One of the anticipated Android game is now available on Android devices. Game was unavailable and was only for beta testers but now first version of this game is released. Developed using unity engine this game is one of the ARPG game you have been waiting ...

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