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Clash Royale Android APK

Clash Royale Android APK
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Clash Royale Android APK

clash-royale-splashclash-royale-android-apkclash-royale-card-hackclash-royale-cardsclash-royale-gameplay-apk What’s up guys bringing a brand new game on our blog. Clash Royale Only available in the Canadian and Australian after I’ve been playing for a week I’m very very addicted this is a new game by supercell you guys probably heard of its called class Royal I’m gonna Tell you how works it is super addicting do not start playing this game unless you’re going to spend money already dropped 20 bucks I can easily drop $ 100 in this game like no time I played so many hours so this is going to be going live worldwide super cell only put out good games they’ve actually had a couple concept games but they didn’t have anything to feel was good enough to bring out in the Play Store so they waited so they just releasing this is the first one you first clash of clans in bloom beach now you’ve got clash Royale gonna look familiar to you because it has a lot of the same characters this is my Battletech and you go into an arena you fight somebody live it’s not like clash of clans where you’re fighting somebody and you’re just attacking their base actually fighting in real time live again somebody else so you have a battle deck with eight cards and each card you know you’ve got Giants Barbarians pekka witches and all the other characters you have loved from the clash universe. The Cards are divided in different categories as normal cards, rare cards and epic cards. Each card costs elixer to release them in the battle. Elixier generates automatically in the game while you battle. Attack other player and defeat them by destroying their towers and emerge victorious. each victory will reward you with chest which is sliver gold aur magical epic chests. and each chests requires certain amount of times to be opened. you get golds, gems and hero cards from it, collect them and when you have sufficient cards you have to upgrade them using golds. you can join clans and donate and receive cards from the other players in the clans. each donation rewards you with golds. Like clash of clans clash royale is as addictive as clash of clans. let’s see how far this game will go.

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.1.0



Download Links:

Install APK and play.

Clash Royale Android APK

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