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Near Field Communication with Android Cookbook

Near Field Communication with Android Cookbook
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Discover the endless possibilities of using Android NFC capabilities to enhance your apps over 50 practical recipes

Near Field Communication with Android Cookbook


  • Practical and real-life examples showing how and where NFC can be used
  • Discover how to exploit NFC capabilities to enhance your apps to easily share and interact with the world
  • Learn how to extend cross-device content sharing by taking advantage of Android Beam’s capabilities

In Detail

Near Field Communication, or simply NFC, is an emerging technology with endless applicability. Its low battery consumption and simplicity are the keys to its success.

Near Field Communication with Android Cookbook is a hands-on book that will help you to set up your development environment, get to know the basics of NFC, and then use what you learn to create more enhanced and practical applications. This practical guide will teach you all you need know about NFC to get you started in developing outstanding out-of-the-box applications.

What you will learn from this book

  • Work with the foreground dispatch system NFC data exchange format
  • Create several applications to consolidate knowledge and see what NFC can be used for
  • Read and write tags with URI, text, mime, and external types
  • Share content across two NFC-enabled devices
  • Extend NFC usage using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Combine NFC with social networks and games
  • Use Open NFC for Android to set up a virtual development and testing environment


An easy-to-follow guide, full of hands-on examples of and real-world applications. Each recipe is explained and placed in context.

Who this book is written for

If you want to learn how to create NFC-enabled Android applications, this is the book for you. Perhaps you already know a bit about Android application developments but have never used NFC, or perhaps you know a little about NFC android development but want some more advanced features and examples. In either case, this book will get you up and running quickly. You are expected to have Android programming knowledge.


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